Openness to the world Meritxell

We understand the world as a close space to be understood and comprehended where students can interact at any stage of their life

How do we do it?

  • With our School Language Project that pursues that our pupils consolidate the two native languages ??(Catalan and Spanish), and at the same time they get immersed in English and they learn to express themselves in French as well.
  • Inserting, increasingly, international programs at different stages of education to facilitate our students contact with students from schools around the world with the occasion of a joint project.
  • Promoting the stay of our students abroad during the period it deems appropriate: summertime, an academic term or a full academic year.
  • Using new technologies in the classroom as instruments that facilitate openness to the world, access to different realities and its various forms to be seen and understood.
  • And for the first time,throughout the academic year 2017-18, we are offering our students the  DUAL DIPLOMA  AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM , which provides our students with an interactive, media-rich educational opportunity in  a flexible , virtual learning environment. This will allow them to follow their studies at school together with the American High-School degree from Catalonia.