Kitchen and school cafeteria – Meritxell School

The school makes its own cooking, and this means we buy the products, we do all the preparation work and we cook lunch at the same school facilities.

Our meals are natural and varied, using seasonal products. Our mince meat doesn’t have any additives. We introduce ecological products such as bread, beef, iogurts, fruit and maccarroni. We want our children to have a balanced diet and to learn to distinguish different food textures, flavours, smells and colours.

And we do so following the recommendations of the “Nutritional and Diet Assessment Institute” (IADIN), an organism which controls and writes a report every term about the quality and quantity of our menus. IADIN also makes an assessment on the special diets (allergies and intolerances), all of them considered in all our different menus.

Furthermore, if families have any question, they may submit a query via mail.

We also have a school Cafeteria at the new building, which opens from 8,30h until 16,30h. It is a very pleasant area, with beautiful views to the sea and our city. We can enjoy having a coffee or breakfast, and we can also offer the lunch school menu or a varied dish.