The Educational Psychology Department is a service offered by the school with the objective of looking after our students, taking into account their different personal realities and considering them in a global way, too. Its main intervention work is based on prevention and they also provide help to parents, students and teachers on their day to day life.The team is composed by educational psychologists and psychologists, whose aim is to contribute to the personal and social development of the students, going beyond the knowledge acquisition of each school subject.

Marta Català  (Educational Psychologist)

Roser Just  (Psychologist)

The different department functions consist in:

  • Analysing and evaluating students who have difficulties that may slow down their school or personal development.
  • Making individual and group psychological evaluations (response tests).
  • Orienting

 assessing and giving support to teachers during the teaching-learning process and to students with special educational needs

 taking as a reference the curricular learning processes and its determinants.

  • Giving strategies and resources in response to diversity.
  • Assessing on the creation of Indivuidual Curriculums (PI).
  • Creating action plans to prevent students' learning difficulties.
  • Referring psychotherapy cases to other centers or external professionals because this diagnosis can not be done by the school department.
  • Doing the follow-up with specialists and professionals who work with the students outside our school hours

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